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Located alongside the Delaware Bay in Sussex County, Delaware, the city of Lewes has an estimated population of about 3,200 residents as of 2019. Lewes is one of the major cities within the rapidly growing Cape Region and lies within the Salisbury, Maryland-Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. Lewes takes its name after a town in England, and the motto for Lewes claims itself to be “the First Town in the First State”. Lewes is home to the Zwaanendael Museum and its main streets contain various shops and restaurants. Lewes is also home to many parks, historic buildings, and lighthouses along the Delaware Bay.

At Clear Asset Advisors, our financial planning experts have the knowledge and experience to help Lewes individuals, families, and businesses analyze their financial situations, and design personalized plans to meet their specific financial needs.

Lewes, DE Retirement Planner

At Clear Asset Advisors, we recognize how daunting it can be for most Lewes individuals to determine an efficient means of generating income from their retirement savings. Between balancing various sources of income like that from Social Security, a 401(k), or an IRA, as well as income from investments, while taking into consideration the living expenses, it can be an ongoing process to stay on top of managing your retirement income. Our Lewes retirement planners use top-of-the-line financial planning tools to help you plan for your income needs throughout retirement. We can provide you with a cash management account for accessing investments and income, while tracking spending, as well as a regularly updated retirement income analysis.

We also provide investment services for Lewes individuals, which include designing a customized asset allocation based on your risk tolerance and goals, and developing a comprehensive investment strategy. Reach out to our financial experts at Clear Asset Advisors today to help you plan a comfortable retirement.

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